How to Resume Student

 (Note: For Admin Accounts | Edureck Version 1.7.1)

Firstly you have to decide if you want to resume students in bulk or individuals. we will take the bulk first and later take on individual

  • click on “Students”->”Resume by class”  on the top menu, select the class, arm and term the students are moving from while in the second select the desired class and arm they are moving to. Example above, we are moving students from “playgroup” arm “A” “first term 2015/2016” to Second term 2015/2016 “Pre-Nursery” Arm “A” then click on proceed
  • Remove the students you don’t need in the new class by unchecking them on the checkbox against their namecheck-students-to-import after which, click on “Complete Importation”.
  • Resumption is complete for that particular class, you can go ahead and do for the remaining class.

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