Setting Fees for class

(Note: For Admin Accounts | Edureck Version 1.7.1)

Edureck is currently design to set fees per class, identifying the fees may vary from class. There are two main processes to achieving this, either by classes or by multi classes. Before getting to that, if this is the first time setting fees on Edureck, you will have to first set the fee type first.

  • Add Fee type: navigate to”fee manager” -> “New Fee Type”enter the “Name” of the fee type and “Description” just as seen in the image above then click submit. Repeat this process for as many other fee type as desired.

When done with the above, you proceed to setting fees for the classes in your school, you either do it one by one or group the common fees and set it across many class. We will be taking Multi classes first then Single classes secondly.

  1. Multi Classes: This is designed so you could select classes having similar fee prices and cost. The steps are as follows: click on “Fee manager” -> “Set fees for Multi Class”now hold down “CTRL Button” on windows PC or “Command Button” on mac while you clicking to select the terms, and classes you want to set their generic fee type.
    • While entering the amount check the button beside it to lock the fee to “Compulsory” if not checked the fee will not be compulsory.
    • At the end you can the click on save to complete this process. If there are unique fee to each class you can add them with the next step we will be sharing.
  2. Setting fees single class by single class: Navigate to “fee manager”-> “manage fee for class”manage-fee-single-classthen select the class, the term and session and then click on “Get Fees”

single-fee-by-classfirstly select the type of fee you want to set from the list of dropdown, then enter the amount you desire and check the button if the fee is compulsory, then click on “Submit”.

Repeat the process until you complete the fee for a particular class, then move on to the next class.


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